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J2 Hurt/Comfort Comment Fic Meme

Welcome to the J2 Hurt/Comfort Comment Fic Meme

3 fic meme
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I don't know about anyone else but I've been dying for a good old J2 comment fic meme for months now, so today I decided to do one myself. Enjoy!

Here are a few quick rules/guidlines so things go smoothly:
  1. Leave a comment here with your prompt. This is a hurt/comfort, so the main theme must involve either Jensen or Jared hurt/sick in some sort of way.

2. Although this is a J2 comment meme, other pairings that include either Jensen or Jared are allowed. E.G. Jensen/Misha or Jared/Genevieve. Gen and AU's are also allowed.

3. Prompts can be as broad or as specific as you like.

4. Post as many prompts as you like but one prompt per comment.

5. No limits to how many users can fill a prompt.

6. Art as well as stories are allowed.

7. Do not post any underage (-18) prompts/fills involving any real life people. Any abuse of this rule and your post(s) will be deleted.

8. If your story/art includes potential triggers (non/dub-con, abuse, self-harm, etc.) grey out your text using the following code and put a warning before.

9. No spoilers for episodes aired less than 48 hours ago, but feel free to use to grey out code if your prompt does include spoilers.

10. Artists/writers are always hungry for cookies, love and feedback.

11. Be nice in the playpen- no bashing of characters/cast or other users.

12. Spread the love and above all, HAVE FUN!

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